We help companies engage with and activate their target audiences worldwide through strategic and effective influencer marketing campaigns.

We connect companies with influencers to activate your targeted potential worldwide through strategic and effective influencer marketing campaigns.

We create the most authentic connection between a company and an influencer using our unique business expertise and customer knowledge. We then develop and execute these strategies to lead your business to success.

We know influencers

We know exactly how to find the right influencers to help you achieve your goals and objectives, to make the best match possible.

Our network
We have a 3 year-strong relationships with influencers all over the world
  • We’ve worked with the best gambling and betting influencers in various countries. We know how their work, we know their strengths and focusses and this allows us to source the best matches for you – every single time.
We’re able to tap into all subcultures & niche categories to make the best possible influencer match for your brand.
  • The Gaming & Betting community is huge- and much more complex than you would imagine.
  • We are able to tap into every sub-community via social media, including niche interests and one-of-a-kind user behaviour. No matter how global or niche your company and products are, we will find the right influencer.
Micro doesn’t always mean small
  • We are also experienced with micro-influencer who have smaller followers and huge authority. These talented share their knowledge with highly engaged communities around a target niche and can create user activity that you would never expect.

Let us find the for you

Let us find the perfect influencers for you


  • Sharp Agency connects advertisers and content creators in the online betting industry – making sure that your message is delivered to the right target audience. Our expansive pool of influencers has the tools you need to grow your online business online.