Affiliate Management

Developing your Affiliate Strategy

We will work on targeted strategies for your company to generate your potential lead generation. This service includes plans for our affiliate software, the affiliate management itself and the design of reward programs.

Managing your Affiliates
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Our team of experts knows how to handle affiliates. We are a young and aspiring team to manage your affiliates, communicate with them on a daily basis, motivate them for better performances and supply them with daily content.

Designing Reward Programs

Affiliates are motivated by their possible financial earnings. We know what kind of compensation model works best for your product and for the selected affiliate. Designing tailored reward programs for each affiliates ensures that they work towards our all interest – your growth and success.

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Integrating Affiliate Software
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We can suggest our software to evaluate (klingt besser als control) affiliate performances, implement individual goals and manage them on our own – letting you focus on your work. For example, several Netrefer integrations have been managed successfully by us. Our team of experts can lead the integration and make sure everything works perfectly.


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